"Flight and Expulsion"

  1. Buchwalde und Osterode von Januar bis Oktober 1945 (German)
  2. The Refugee Tragedy on January 22 and 23, 1945, near Grünhagen in the District of Preußisch Holland (Version 2003)
  3. Ergänzung zu 2. Augenzeugenbericht (German)

Ancestry Research


Sören Kierkegaard:   Life must be understood backwards,
                                     but it must be lived forward.

With my research on the TIM(M)RECKs I try to shed some light on the history of my ancestors. Apart from collecting the data and events, and embedding them into the social and economic circumstances of that period, I would also like to determine the roots, and finally integrate all this information into a chronicle.

TIM(M)RECKs were already resident in the district of Stolp in Pomerania (today Poland) in the 17th century. Bearers of the name until the end of World War II have so far only been established between Hanover and Koenigsberg in East Prussia, with a noticeable accumulation of the name in the East Pomeranian districts of Stolp, Lauenburg and Rummelsburg. As a matter of fact, the name is not very common in the German-speaking area.

Heinz Timmreck

(Translated by
Andrea Bojarra, M.A.)

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